“How Can I Improve My Bowling Game?”  

Are You New to the Game of Bowling?

Do You Love to Bowl but Wish You Could Make BETTER Scores?

Want to Surprise Your Friends?

Learn How to Bowl, Have Fun and Make More Spares and Strikes!  

  Audio MP3 AND PDF Included!

Dear Bowler,

Are you happy being an average bowler or do you want to BOWL BETTER? 
Whether you're in an amateur league or just enjoy a game with friends, do you wish you had better skills, made less mistakes and made MORE Spares and Strikes?

What about equipment? Are you moving on from casual bowling and want your own personal equipment? Do you have a problem with handling the ball or does sloppy footwork end in a gutter ball? Instead of laughing at you, do you want to SHOCK your friends with your new bowling skills?

 “What Are You Doing WRONG?”

Are you irritated when the ball won't go where you want? Whether the problem is your focus, handling or aim, a little instruction can dramatically improve your game. A few steps in the right direction and you might even surprise yourself!

Bowling isn't fun if you can't play. But what a thrill when ball after ball goes straight to your target! And if you have no knowledge of the game you might feel foolish figuring out how to tally your score, but learn the rules and scoring of the game and your confidence will soar!

Be prepared for a new addiction - Bowling! Once you get the hang of it you'll want to go back again and again...

 "Improve Your Game in 5 Minutes”

Each tip will give you valuable information that will improve your game. A quick practice session and you'll soon realize just what you've been doing wrong, and how to do better! With continued practice you can further develop your new skills for more competitive playing. 

Get started learning to bowl with...

Bowling Basics for the Modern Bowler...

  • Getting the Right Equipment and Maintaining It

  • Find out what equipment you need and how to care for it.

  • Warm Ups and Stretches to Prepare You for the Game

  • Avoid strains and injury by following these simple warm ups and stretches.

  • How to Focus Your Mind on the Game

  • Tap into your greatest asset by focusing your mind on the game.

  • Team Bowling Methods

  • Find out how teams play and gain the basics of playing in a league.

  • Individual Bowling Methods    

  • Learn how individual bowling is played and invite friends for a game.

  • How to Keep Score

  • Learn how score is kept and demystify the score sheet.

  • Learning About the Bowling Pins    

  • Find out more about your target - the bowling pin!

  • Gripping Guide

  • Gain some basic knowledge of gripping the ball properly for better aim and handling.
  • Stance Guide    

  • Avoid stance problems that can throw off your balance and your game.

  • Footwork Guide

  • Learn the basic footwork that will help you get the ball down the alley and out of the gutter!
  • Approach Guide

  • Understand how approach affects your bowling abilities.

  • Back Swing Guide

  • What is a back swing and how can you do it right?
  • Timing Guide

  • Learn the secrets of timing and amaze yourself with the difference it makes in your game.

    What You’ll Also Get…

  • How to Aim for Your Target

  • Get a crash course in how to aim (and what those little marks on the alley are for!)

  • Finishing Your Follow Through

  • Learn how to finish your follow through and how that simple step can improve your game.

 “Get Out Your Bowling Shoes - You're Going Bowling Tonight!”

Bowling can be fun and relaxing or exciting and competitive. How you play is up to you, but you're sure to have a better time when you can improve your game every time you play. 

How to get better scores, prevent injury and feel confident are all covered in this easy to read guide and it's only $39.95 $17.95 for a limited time. This includes both the audio book and the eBook! So if you want to improve your game, or just learn the basics, download ‘Bowling Basics for the Modern Bowler’ right now!

Download Your Personal Copy of ‘Bowling Basics for the Modern Bowler’ and Start Applying this Knowledge Today!

Lynn Shell

P.S. Don’t forget that another day without using the advice available in ‘Bowling Basics for the Modern Bowler' means one more day of missing out on the fun and accomplishment of a great game of bowling - so download your copy of 'Bowling Basics for the Modern Bowler' Today!

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